Serta office chair [A complete review]

Are you tired of your butt going sleep and hurting after hours of working on your PC? Does your butt swell or bruised from endless hours from watching Netflix? Then this Serta office chair can be a savior of you. This Serta brand executive chair’s features and design makes it far better than any other office chair in the market.


Key features

Good movement

It tilts back and forth. You have to unlock that feature down below on its leg. It does roll across hard surfaces also including industrial carpet even some thick carpet. If you have industrial carpet, it will roll across that just like it’s on a hard surface.

High quality material

This chair is also made of the best quality materials i.e. aluminum steel and leather.

Extreme comfort

This chair has some of the best seating comfort. The Serta executive office chair was made with comfort in mind. They really did put comfort as its top priority. Again this is made of metal, steel, aluminum, leather with generously placed cushions for your butt as well as your back and your thighs.

Lower lumbar support

It also has a lower lumbar support section in it. It’s basically a pocket in the lower lumbar section that you can stuff a supplied memory foam cushion into it and that supports your lower lumbar region.

High Durability

The leather is all double stitched and reinforced in areas of stress or where needed. It is very durable. The leather has a fabric like material.
Now talking about the arms. Its arms are able to rotate up or down according to your need. If you want to rest your arm after some work, you can rotate it and make it straight. And if you want free space around your sides then you can rotate arm to back. The arms aren’t overly stuffed with padding causing wrinkles in the leather over years of use.

Easy assembling

The chair does come unassembled but does supply all the required tools necessary to put it together. It also comes with a very well thought-out set off instructions. It is very easy to follow these instructions. You can have these all assembled in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Strong and stable

I this chair is heavy enough and strong back in it. When you lean back, it doesn’t feel like you’re going to tip over. It does Bend back 30 to 45 degrees. This chair is excellent option for those moments that you like to just sit back and watch TV.
This Serta office chair swivel 360 degrees. This makes for accessing drawers and cabinets easy without having to shift your body in anyway. The arms also swivel up and out of the way between 0 to 90 degrees. It also does swivel back and forth as mentioned earlier.

Good air circulation

The back panel on it is ventilated. It really doesn’t show very well but it is actually perforated.Its helps you avoid sweating.

Additional cool features

Now moving towards the back of the chair, it’s got an area like an envelope or pouch area where you can put pens, notebooks and pull out whenever you want just by twisting your hand backward. You so not have to stand and look up the all drawers for pen or notebook to note something. Now it’s on back of your chair. You can also store some snacks for Netflix.

This is Serta office chair made by Serta which is one of the leading and premier furniture manufacturers in the world.

It is also one of the best option for gamer, If you cannot spend plenty of money for expensive chair, then this chair will provide same comfort as you get is those overrated gaming chairs. With hours of streaming or gaming, you will still feel rested in this chair. Same goes for office activities or laptop works.

The hardware on the chair is really balanced. The underneath of the chair the lever that you pull to raise and lower the chair or unlock the tilting. You have to pull this lever straight outward to unlock the tilting feature in it.

These are rollers which are removable. You can just pull them out pretty hard and put it inside with a snap. There’s five of this rollers and forms a star shaped bottom.
This is a really high-grade plastic for the arms, all of the attachments are metal .The legs are made of high quality polymer. The axle that goes up and down is made up of steel.

Serta office chair vs other office chairs

Other office chair in the market is generally made up of P leather. This type of P leather chair is not as good as this Serta office chair which is made up of high quality leather.

If you sit on a P leather (artificial leather) chair for long time and if you sweat, your clothes will stick on chair as well as you will get rashes on your skin. So a good leather chair should always be a priority.

Also if you have large body, this chair is really comfortable and can easily stabilize the body. You can easily rock in chair although you have large body.

Is it an good alternative for gaming chair?

We suggest you on spending the extra money and getting this Serta office chair because if you spend a little extra and get the executive chair as opposed to getting some of the cheaper ones, you will have good time with it and it lasts much longer than those cheaper chair available in market.


With all these cool features here are some features that users are not much satisfied with.

Short arm

Users find this arm a bit short and they wanted a few inches arm to rest their hand. But this depends in the person and their body. We don’t find it as a big conscience some people are mentioning about it we have to mention it.

Head rest

Another con about this chair is that it does not have head rest separately. But again the chair back is long enough that you can rest your head is chair back easily. Once again this opinion varies from people to people.

Other than this, Serta office chair is on of the best chair you can find for yourself in market. From structure, material, movement to durability, it is all in one universal chair for your home and offices activities.


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