Keurig milk frother review in 2020 [A quick guide]

There are plenty of milk frother in the market. Keurig milk frother is one of them. Keurig milk frother is one of the most popular and dominating product in the market. Here we bring a complete review about keurig milk frother with a quick guide about how to use this product.


Appearance and specifications

Its design is simple cylindrical cup without any handle yet very attractive.Black and silver color gives a classy look to it. It is really portable and doesn’t need much space in your kitchen. The cup has the following specifications:

Height: 8 inch

Width: 3.75 inch.

It also has maximum and minimum line inside the cup for the volume of milk that can be frothed. The maximum line is for lattes and the minimum line is for cappuccinos. You get the curette cup, a little base with the power supply and a lid for it.

There is a couple of buttons. The first button is if you want to froth the milk hopped and the bottom button as if you want to froth it cold or at the temperature that your milk is already at so this frost.

So you could put using espresso and mix this with this frother and make a cappuccino or anything you’d like.


The material inside the cup is coated with special non sticky material which prevents milk form sticking at the bottom of the cup. You can use nonmetallic spoon or something if you want to scratch inside the cup and clean it.

How to froth milk in keurig milk frother?

It is really easy and simple process to froth milk in keurig milk frother. You just have to pour the milk between the max and min line inside the cup as per the beverage you want to prepare. You can froth cold milk and as well as warm it before frothing.

After around 2 minutes the milk froth will be ready. The device will get automatically off after froth is prepared. You just don’t have to keep looking for the milk to get ready. Till milk get frothed you can set table, prepare cup with coffee or check your emails. Basically anything you like to do. After two minutes you will have fluffy foam of milk for your beverage.

Cleaning process

It is obvious that the base is connected with power supply and is not water proof. So you have to be very careful while cleaning the base. You can use dry cloth to wipe the base.

For lid and curette cup you can wash gently in tap with water by your hand and wipe later with dry cloth. Make sure device is dry before connecting to electric source in order to increase life of this device.

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Less volume of froth at a time

This keurig milk frother doesn’t produce large forth at one time. The forth prepared at once is enough only for one or two people. You have to repeat this process if you have large number of family members.


Moreover this keurig milk frother is really a good option as a milk frother. Although it has some minor disadvantages, it’s really worth it.IT saves your time and money. You can prepare restaurant level beverage at you home with this in very short time.


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