Instant pot duo crisp complete review in 2020

Instant pot duo crisp is a multiple purpose cooker with dual swap lid of pressure cooker lid and innovative air fryer lid. It has 11 in 1 functionality which let you do more than what you can do with your regular pot.Here is a complete instant pot duo crisp review in 2020 to know whether it is still a competitor in today’s market.

Dual swap lid

The signature feature of this product is nothing but its dual swappable lid between a pressure cooker lid and a air fryer lid. The lid comes with handle and can be completely removed unlike ninja foodi where the lid is attached with the body by a hinge and you cannot completely remove it.

The lid of instant pot duo crisp weights around 6-7 pounds which can be completely removed and keep aside when you don’t need it.

It also comes with the disk which has two side is smooth where you can put your lid to get cooled whereas other side has groove where you can lock your lid before storing it after use which make slid more safer.

Tossing your food

Now let’s get in the cooking process .Since the lid has no hinge and it gets completely removed you may feel some difficulty if you want to stir, flip of mix your food while cooking. The lid is super-hot while cooking and since you have to completely remove your lid you have to be very careful while handling the lid.


The pot inside instant pot duo crisp is made from stainless steel. In my view this is a really good feature to note about instant pot duo crisp that we hardly find on other types of fryer. Since it is not nonstick so it is going to be our personal choice to go with nonstick or not nonstick.


The basket comes with four legs which is detachable. The bottom with legs is very simple in design and easily detachable. The basket is probably 8 inches in diameter.


The rack that comes with instant pot duo crisp is reversible in two ways. The lower position is used to place food inside the pot .You have to put the pan in the rack then put inside the instant pot duo crisp.

For the higher position of the rack you have to place the rack first inside the pot then put pan over it. Both of the process in convenient and you have nothing to worry about .However with the racks you cannot put 8 inch pan inside pot. The pan should be lesser than 8 inch diameter which may limit what you can cook.

Its better you look for another rack just like of ninja foodi with which you can put even 8 inch pan inside instant pot duo crisp. Its the rack or stand that can cause you trouble. You can buy a rack or stand separately.

Layer disk

Instant pot duo also gives a layer disk which you can put inside the basket and create multiple layer to cook food. It is rally a cool feature in the instant pot duo crisp.


The 8 quart instant pot duo crisp is very light weight and very runny and slip of the counter you put in. A good cooker should have stable base or heavy so that it is stable and don’t move from one place to another while stirring food or using it. It is a disadvantage about this pot. Again, this is a personal opinion. So if you have no problem keeping cooker stable than that is good.

Buttons and functions

Instant pot comes with the numbers of buttons that has different features to cook your food in a different way. The button features are pressure cook, sauté, slow cook, steam, air fryer, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and keep warm, delay start buttons. So all these buttons you can make variety of foods from breakfast to dinner

Cooking test

Temperature of cooker from outside

While cooking from although the temperature inside the cooker is hundreds of degrees the lid from outside is not so hot and you can easily handle it while stirring food.

Cooking sound

The sound produced while cooking in instant pot duo crisp is much lesser than other cooker in the market. So if you feel annoyed by the sound of a cooker that you should go with instant pot duo crisp.

Cooking process

While cooking food the instant pot duo crisp has some presets which reminds you to turn or stir the food in cooking interval. It display “turn food” on the display to remind you to turn food in case you forget. Hats another really cool feature that you will like about it.

Although the design of its accessories is not best but you will love cooking food on instant pot duo crisp because it is really the best one in terms of cooking food among the posts out there in market. The food gets really cooked over the set period of time. You can give full marks in terms of cooking process for instant pot duo crisp and that’s the main reason you should have one of these in your kitchen.


Moreover you may need some time to get used to with  instant pot duo crisp while handling the lids, baskets, racks but the cooking process is really fine and better than any pot out in the market .I recommend you to have one.

This is all for instant pot duo crisp review from our side.Many other instant pot duo crisp reviews from other experts are in favor of instant pot duo crisp .You may also want to read about best countertop microwaves in 2020.

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