5 Best desk pad in 2020

Desk pad or desk blotters are the additional accessory that is very simple yet very useful in your daily life. From office to your home table a desk pad not only makes your table attractive but also organizes things on your table such as laptop, mobile, notebooks and prevents from slipping or running of things off the table. Desk pad also protects your table from getting scratched by things you use in table. This is also a good alternative for mouse pad as it is large enough to put your laptop above it as well as use it as a mouse pad.

In these days desk pad are in trend and in fact people are using it daily because it adds great comfort in organizing and using your gadgets on your table. Here are some of the best desk pad that you should definitely consider before buying one. List goes this way.

Aothia eco-friendly desk pad

Aothia eco-friendly desk pad is defiantly I the list of best five desk pad in the market. The signature of this product is that this is eco-friendly desk pad. This desk pad is made from the plant cork and PU leather. You will definitely have a good vibe when you are using and promoting an eco-friendly product.

Talking about its feature it is available in three different sizes i.e.

23.6” X 13.7”



It has thickness of 2mm which increases its durability but at the same time some users find it bulky. Moving towards its color, it is available in 10 different colors which are black, brown, gray, light blue, purple, blue gray, dark blue, dark green, orange and white. It also provide really good grip on both sides with table as well as with gadgets. It is also very easy to clean. You can just wipe the desk pad with wet cloth and make it clean with very less effort.


Made from PU leather

Available in 3 different sizes

Available in 10 different colors

Easy cleaning

Can be used from both sides.


Comparatively less durable than other desk pads

No warranty


TOWWI Dual sided desk pad

TOWWI is another one of the best desk pad available in the market. It is also available in three different sizes i.e.

24” X 14”

32” X 16”

36” X 17”

Among these three sizes you can choose any one according to your comfort. I these sizes of desk pad you can easily put laptop mouse mobile and some extra accessories. It is designed such that you can use both sides of it as a desk pad. It is available in 6 different colors. Since they can be used from both sides they have 2 different color on two sides. The available colors are:

Purple / Blue


Dark Green / Light Green

Gray / Silver

Rose Red / Pink

Blue / Pink

This desk pad is completely water proof and prevents your table from spilling of coffee or any other drinks. There will be no more stains of drinks on your table. If you ever spills drinks on your desk pad you can simply wipe it with a wet piece of cloth. The desk pad will no be damaged since it is completely water proof. This desk pad ha pretty smooth design and gives you a premium vibe since it is made from very high quality leather and very durable. This desk pad also serves you a comfortable hand rest while writing or typing.


Made quality PU leather.

Can be used from both sides having two different colors.

Available in 3 different sizes.


You do not get much color combination to choose.

No warranty.


Eminta dual sided desk pad

Next on our list is Eminta dual sided desk pad. But unlike others desk pad it is available in only one size of

31.5” X 15.7”.

It has been upgraded from past with sewing reinforcement which increases in durability as well as gives pretty bold look. It is also can be used from both sides as it is dual sided desk pad.It has also two different colors in two different sides. The color combination that are available in this desk pad are:


Gray / Silver

Dark green / Gray

Green / Blue

Light blue / Silver

Purple / Pink

It gives really good grip to the table and things that we put over it. This desk pad is also water and heat resistant which makes it more and more durable. Although it is available in only one the, the available size can accommodate all your necessary thins on the table. Smooth texture of this desk pad gives you comfort while resting your hand in the table.

In order to clean this desk pad it is you just need to wipe with a wet cloth just like in other desk pad. It is pretty easy to roll up and carry from office to home or anywhere you want. If you want to carry it from one place to another, then this can definitely be a good choice.


Made from PU leather.

High durability than other desk pad.

Can be used from both sides.


It is available in only one size.

You do not get much good combination of color to choose.

No warranty.


Knodel desk pad

It is made from premium quality PU leather which takes its durability to next level. Talking about its size, it comes in three different sizes. They are:
23.6” X13.8”

31.5” X15.7”

35.4” X17”.

Coming to its color, it is available in 8 different colors. They are black, brown, dark blue, green. Light blue, light green, pink and purple. Although it is available in 8 different colors, it has same color in both side of desk pad.

The best thing about this desk pad is it gives one year of warranty and well as money back if you are not satisfied with this desk pad. This proves that how confident are they with their product and how really good it is.

It is also water and heat resistant. You can easily clean this with a piece of wet cloth and use for really long time. It is also dual side desk pad.


Made with premium leather.

Available in three different sizes.

1 Year warranty.

Money back guarantee.

Available in 8 different colors.

Can be used from both side.


Both side have same color. But other desk pad comes with different color in different side.


YSAGi desk pad

This desk pad is pretty popular in market and one if the best seller in the market for desk pad.Taking about its material, it Is made from high Quality PU leather which makes it very durable.The main thing to love about this desk pad is that you will get a great color combination that really will make your very special and premium.

It is available in 3 sizes of

23.6” X 13.7”

31.5” X 15.7”

35.4” X 17”.

With these three different sizes you can accommodate most the things from your table such as laptop keyboard notebook and also a mouse.It is a dual side desk pad which works as 2 in 1 desk pad as it can be used freedom both sides.

It comes with 12 different color combination different on different side that are very unique and attractive.The color combinations are:

Aconite violet/eosine pink






Cork/light blue

Cork/dark mud

Dark tyrian blue/yellow

Glacious green/orange

Grayish lavender/cinnamon buff


Wine red/Black

Yellow/taro purple

In order to clean this desk pad simple wipe with wet cloth just like for other desk pads.


Available in 3 different sizes.

Unique color choices.

Made from PU leather.

Can be used from both sides.


No warranty.


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