Breville milk frother [A complete review in 2020]

Breville milk frother will give you excellent milk foam that can be used to make you favorite latte, cappuccino any other beverage on your own home.

You may have always thought of making a restaurant like latte at your home but stepped back because you don’t have a good milk frother. If you are looking for a good electric milk frother then Breville can be your good choice. This Breville milk frother will help you make restaurant like beverage on your own kitchen.

Breville milk frother parts

Breville milk frother has mainly two parts:

An electric powered base

Breville milk frother base has a dial that helps you set the temperature to make cold or hot milk froth.

If you want to make hot milk froth then you get to choose the temperature from 120 to 160 degree by simply rotating the dial. It’s that simple.

A milk pitcher

Breville upper part is a milk pitcher where we put milk and whisk in order to get milk froth for our beverage. This pitcher is nothing but a container with a whisk attached on its base.


Actually you will get 2 different types of whisk to attach at the bottom of pitcher. You can remove one and put another according to the froth you want.

One whisk has simpler design and lesser teeth in it. This whisk is especially design to make normal forth for latte.

Another whisk is designed with numbers of teeth like gear so that we can get excellent foam for cappuccino. This whisk is mainly designed to make froth for cappuccino.

Also pitcher comes with a detachable lid. Within this lid there is another small lid which can be removed while frothing to add some extra spices like cinnamon can be added.

How long does it take to make milk froth?

It takes somewhere between 2-3 minutes to make your foam ready.

Maximum and minimum line

Inside the frother (pitcher) you will see different margins for amount of milk to be poured to prepare a specific beverage like for cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate etc.

Make sure you pour milk between these lines in order to make perfect froth for your beverage.

What else can you do with Breville milk frother?

Breville frother also enables us to make cold frothed milk. You can also enjoy cold coffee in summer days. This milk frother can also be used to make hot chocolate, iced drinks, and also some alcoholic beverages.

How may cups of coffee can you make with Breville milk frother?

Breville milk frother has capacity of 740ml of milk and can be used make 3-4 cups of latte or cappuccino.

What are the included accessories?

This Breville milk frother includes:

Frothing whisk disc for latte.
Frothing whisk disc for cappuccino.
Measuring lid for adding ingredients like cinnamon.

How can we clean Breville milk frother?

The base of Breville milk frother is electric. So you have to clean the base with damp and wet cloth without rinsing the base in water.

More other remaining parts like pitcher (frother), whisk disk, lid can easily cleaned in dish washer.

Wide range of dial to set different temperature from cold to hot milk.Bigger in size
You can make 3-4 cups of coffee at one time.Not suitable for a single person as it needs a cup of milk in minimum to froth.
This frother will automatic switch off after 2-3 minutes after froth is ready.
Dish washer friendly. Easy to clean
You can also make cold coffee.


Breville milk frother is an outstanding milk frother in the market. This is probably one of the best milk frother in 2020. You will hardly find a milk frother with such functionality and accuracy. Although you may find it expensive than other milk frother but it’s really worth it. We highly encourage you to choose Breville milk frother for your kitchen.

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