Blink mini security camera [A complete review in 2020]

Blink mini security camera is a smart indoor security camera that is pretty popular in market nowadays. You have might probably thought of collecting some genuine review about this smart home security camera and still in dilemma whether to buy it or not. Well here is a complete and honest review about blink mini smart security camera.


Power system

Unlike other modern wireless security camera blink mini security camera is still a plug in wire powered security camera .You will not have to worry about charging more often like wireless cameras. You will have smooth operation of blink mini security camera for your home with very less maintenance since it is wire powered security camera.

Blink system is very good for notifying about activities around your home but may not be the best option for 24 7 surveillance camera.

Many people are liking this product because it helps people notifying about activities that are being around their house such as delivery in your door, people walking in yard or near your entrance. People find it really helpful and I am also the one who is huge fan of this feature.

Not weather proof

This blink mini security camera is not weather proof so you have to keep inside house or below the truss where it’s safe from water.

High quality Recording

Blink mini indoor security camera records clip in 1080p and also do night vision due to build in illuminator. It also has motion detector and supports two way communication services.


The design of this security camera is really bold. The overall camera is the head which is camera and also a detachable base or mount. The base has holes for screw so that it can be screwed in walls or doors. You can also detach the base and just use camera as a cube on a table or counter. You can mount the base on two places i.e. on the bottom or back of the camera as per you convenience.

Cloud storage

This blink mini security camera does not provide free cloud storage up to some unit unlike other cameras. You must subscribe to cloud storage if you want to use its all features. And there is no meaning of buying this camera if you are not able to use its all features. However you will be given free trial for cloud storage. After the trial period is over you have to subscribe for cloud storage in order to record your clips. The fees for subscription are as follows:

3$ per camera per month on monthly subscription

30$ per camera per year on annual subscription

10$ per month for unlimited camera on monthly subscription

100$ per year for unlimited camera in annual subscription.

Setting up cameras

Setting up camera is pretty easy. First of all you have to install blink app on you mobile. It runs on both android and iOS device. Once you install the app, you have to scan the code in the back of camera which will make you directly connected to your Wi-Fi system and start showing up in your app. After this you can start your configuration according to your need.

No temperature sensor

It does not have any temperature sensor whereas you can find temperature sensor in blink outdoor security camera. I think it will not make big difference since it is indoor camera.


Blink mini security camera has really cool features that you can set as per you need. Blink mini provides notification instantly if there is any activities around your home. You will get notified in your phone with the video clip of that area.

Another cool feature is that you can have live video footage of that area. Suppose you get notified about some activities in your yard. Now you can get live view of the yard with sound to check what’s happening in your yard.

Since the video is being uploaded in the cloud every time you don’t have to worry if you camera is damage or stolen. You will not loss those footage because it has already been uploaded to the cloud storage.

Downloading the video

If you want to download any video from recordings of cloud storage you have to download it manually by selecting the particular clip. Once you download the video it will be saved in your phone. The video is really good quality and you unlike other security cameras at the same price and you can clearly identify face of a person.

Night vision

The night vision feature of this camera is really good. Again you have a very good quality of video in night mode also. Another cool feature is that it automatically switches between day mode and night mode according to the condition. You don’t have to manually switch between day mode and night mode. It happens in auto mode.

Two way communication

You will get two way communication feature with this security camera. This means that you will be able to have communication through your phone and security camera in the room. The speaker in the camera is rally really good. If you drop any message from your phone, the security camera will repeat it loud and clear.

However the microphone of camera is the best one. When someone speaks in camera you will not be able to get the best quality of sound in your phone but it is clear enough to understand what a person is speaking. I personally am a huge fan of this two way communication feature.


Wired power 24 7 surveillance

Good quality of video recording

Improved design

Night vision

Motion sensor

Two way communication


High subscription charges

NO temperature sensor

Not weather proof


Moreover blink mini security camera is not the best surveillance tool for you but if you have few extra bucks to spare for camera and subscription you should definitely have one of these to take your home security to another level with really cool and modern features.


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