5 Best microwave ovens to buy in 2020

Today we’re going to be checking out the 5 best microwaves in 2020. This list based on hours of research and have been listed based on quality, durability price and more. This article included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for the best product that money can buy, we’ll have the product for you. This time we have articles in countdown manner just to make interesting. List of best microwaves 2020 goes this way:

Amazon basics microwave oven

5th on list of best microwaves 2020 is Amazon basics microwave .This is our best budget microwave. The amazon basics microwave makes it easy to defrost vegetables make popcorn reheat rice and even cook potatoes. You can use it with an echo device to cook food completely hands-free making it even easier than normal. All you have to do is tell Alexa to start microwaving.

You will be able to automatically reorder popcorn when you start running low you can save up to 10% on your popcorn orders. Thanks to the Amazon – replenishment technology there are 10 different power levels to choose from so you always get the best performance to match your needs. There’s also a kitchen timer that lets you know when your food is ready every single time.

The child lock prevents your children from using this appliance without your supervision. It features a great turntable design that is reliable and works well overall this microwave is very easy to setup with just three basic steps. All you have to do is simply plug it in connect it to the Alexa app on your smart phone and ask your echo device to begin microwaving.

Measuring 17.3×10.1×14.1 inches with a weight of 21 pounds it won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. You can use this microwave with your echo device for hands-free functionality multiple power levels. You have ten different power levels to choose from for different tasks.

The child lock this microwave features will always keep your children safe.


Easy setup

Setting up this microwave only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require you to follow any complicated steps compact.

Small size

The small overall size of this microwave means that you won’t have to clear off a lot of countertop space versatile design.

Multiple power options

The numerous power level options allow you to do everything from make popcorn to reheat rice in just seconds and for the cons the interior of the microwave is a bit small and cannot accommodate large dinner plates coming in at around $60.

Alexa compatibility

Perhaps the simplest thing about this microwave is its Alexa compatibility supplying you with hands-free functionality


Toshiba EM131A5C-BS microwave oven

Toshiba is able to come in top 5 list of microwaves 2020.Toshiba am 130 185 CBS features a pre programmed sensor menu for optimal heating of veggies potatoes pizza and much more. This microwave has an ultra-durable stainless steel exterior that measures 25.5x17x12.8 inches so it doesn’t take up much space.

This microwaves is of 1,100 watts and 10 power settings should satisfy your needs. It also have a standard clock in kitchen timer. The large digital display and control panel is bright and very easy to read. The glass turntable is sturdy and stable so it won’t come off.

It automatically senses the amount of steam produced during cooking and adjusts for the best results just touch one of the many pre-programmed buttons to get started with making popcorn melting butter reheating frozen foods and much more.

The features include quick touch preset buttons there are several preset buttons that you can use to start reheating melting or defrosting in just a second digital display.

This microwaves large digital display offers high visibility even in bright sunlight. Turntable glass inside this microwave is incredibly sturdy and offers maximum stability at all time.


a) Durability

The stainless steel exterior of this microwave makes it very sturdy and easy to clean.

b) Multiple power options

10 unique power settings mean that you will always get your needs met no matter what sensor is cooking .This microwave adjust itself accordingly for the best results every single time.


And for the cons some customers have reported problems with the interior. LED light is not working occasionally.

Coming in at a little under 100 dollars this microwave has a nice modern design with a variety of useful features .It makes cooking in your kitchen much easier with minimal work.


Farberware FMO13AHTBKE microwave oven

The third product on our list of best microwaves 2020 is the Farberware FMO13AHTBKE.This microwave gives you an impressive 1000 watts of cooking power as well as ten different power levels. You will be ready to adjust the facility from 10 to one hundred pc to match your needs regardless of what.

The multistage cooking is perfect for custom cooked meals and snacks. This microwave also gives you one through six minute Express cooking Quick Start controls. There’s even a button that lets you extend the cooking by 30 seconds which can be very convenient. The memory function allows you to store and call up cooking settings quickly with just the touch of a button.

You will have the choice of defrosting food by time or weight. The digital control and LED display with clock and kitchen timer makes cooking easier than ever.

The 1.2 cubic foot capacity of this microwaves interior can accommodate even large dinner plates. You shouldn’t ever have any issues with not having enough space measuring 20.4×16.6×12.4 inches.

With a weight of 33.7 pounds, this microwave isn’t very large. It features 6 per-programmed cooking functions for popcorn, pizza, dinner plates and more.

The features include

LCD display

The LCD display on this microwave features a kitchen timer and clock to help you keep track of your food.

One touch cooking functions

You will have six One touch cooking functions to make a variety of tasks easier than ever.

Removable & turntable

The removable design of the glass makes it very easy to clean.


Easy to use

The various convenient One Touch buttons on this microwave makes using it simple and easy to say.

This microwave to provide you with consistently impressive cooking results custom settings. There are plenty of custom settings that allow you to get your needs met.


This microwave does run a bit loud which can be annoying at times coming in at around130 dollars

This Farber ware micro wave gives you a high degree of convenience and power that you can always rely on. It has a sleek and contemporary look that should fit right in with the rest of your kitchen appliances. This micro wave is perfect for making popcorn reheating meals and much more.


Cuisinart CMW-200 microwave oven

The second product on our list of best microwaves 2020 is the Cuisinart CMW 200 .

It has a large 1.2 cubic foot capacity and 1,000 watts of power to satisfy your casual cooking needs. It also features a brushed stainless steel design that is both stylish and incredibly durable. The interior of this microwave is odor resistant and very easy to clean.

This microwaves 12-inch glass tray can accommodate large dinner plates and features a reversible grill rack. There also are touch pad controls with LCD display making it easy to urge started cooking in only seconds.

You will have two convenient defrost functions for defrosting a spread of foods by weight or time. You have the option of convection baking or roasting.

With and without the microwave function there are a total of nine different preset cooking options that include popcorn, potato beverage, reheat fresh vegetable, frozen vegetable, roast chicken, cake and pizza.

This makes it an extremely versatile appliance that can match your needs every single time. There are also eight main functions including microwave convection

There are nine unique presets that you can use for everything from popcorn to frozen vegetables defrost .This microwave offers makes it easy to get the perfect results every time.


Easy to clean

Both the interior and exterior of this microwave are easy to clean in just minutes.

Convenient functions

The defrost functions and numerous presets make cooking in your kitchen more convenient than ever.

Large capacity

The spacious interior of this microwave gives you plenty of room for microwaving and defrosting food.


The instruction booklet that comes with this microwave doesn’t explain how to use it very well.

Coming in at a little over one hundred and fifty dollars this microwave offers a lot of useful and convenient functions to make casual cooking easier .Overall it also has a very sturdy design that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

You can count on this microwave to provide you with impressive results on a consistent basis. There aren’t many models on the market that offer more than this particular one.


Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S

The first product on our list of best microwaves 2020 is the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S

The Panasonic microwave gives you an impressive 1250 watts of high power. This makes it easier than ever to cook your food efficiently.

You also have an extra-large 2.2 cubic ft. capacity so you’ll microwave more food directly. The chrome steel design of this microwave makes it long-lasting and straightforward to wash inside and out

It uses inverter technology with turbo defrost to deliver a seamless stream of power for consistent results. You will no longer have to worry about uneven cooking and you can defrost food much faster than normal.

This microwaves 16.5 inch turntable is slimmer and lighter with a high efficiency design that doesn’t 1take up much space. The microwave itself measures 14×23.9×19.4 inches making it bigger than average but still not ridiculously large.

There are numerous smart cooking settings with a genius sensor that adjusts power and times according to the foods your microwaving. You also have 14 preset menu items to choose from giving you an especially high level of convenience.

The delay start feature allows you to begin cooking whenever you want.

The features include

Genius sensor

This microwave features gives you the best possible cooking results on a consistent basis delay start .You can use the delay start feature to begin cooking your food within a certain amount of time.

Keep warm

There’s also a keep warm feature that keeps your food heated up until you’re ready to eat.


Extra-large capacity

The huge 2.2 cubic foot interior of this microwave gives you plenty of space for cooking.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel construction and glass are exceptionally easy to clean.

Lots of auto cook options

There are 14 different auto cook options to make.


The quick thirty button on this microwave does not start the appliance but rather just adds 30 seconds if it’s already running.

Coming in at around $200 this Panasonic microwave is a great modern appliance that you’ll want to have in your kitchen for many reasons. It gives you lots of convenient auto cook options that make preparing meals a lot easier.

Moreover these are the top 5 best microwaves 2020 list.You can find these products in amazon and can buy as of your choice.


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